Friday, January 24, 2014

Driver San Francisco PC Review

So this is the first "Driver" game I played. So it would be a some kind of a different review. Let's start with the story line of the game.


The game has and very interesting and different story. The main protagonist Detective John Tanner. And his buddy Tobias Jones  He soon discovers he has and ability to shift between drivers. His main aim is to catch the criminal called Jericho. So this is the main plot. *SPOILER ALERT*And he discovers he is in a dream world generated from the hospital TV *SPOILER ALERT*


This game has a interesting gameplay feature called SHIFT ABILITY. John Tanner has the ability to shift between drivers of different vehicles and drive them and interact with  passengers. With that there are variety of methods to complete missions using different tactics. The driving experience is fun and a bit realistic. But when you get the hang of it it would be a superb driving experience.

    Missions - There are variety of missions get along with the story line and there are also sub missions. so
                     there will be long gameplay times doing those submissions(and they are also fun too.)

    FreeRoam - The free roam experience in driver San Francisco is and excellent experience. You can do                             almost anything with vehicles that you like. You can get into any vehicle. It is the pure Free                             Roam Experience.


Not much to say. Just nice graphics.


There are some energetic soundtrack that really helps the gameplay to flow freely. And some boring ones too.


A must play game with lots of features and few hours of pure driving experience.